Re: Quisk/ OmniaSDR on RPi2

Ron / W4MMP

I took a break from my Omnia duties and installed Quisk.  Low and behold ,  I hit the same error (the libusb thing) when starting quisk.  So, I deleted the file.  Quisk now starts.  That is proof enough for me there is an error in the config file.  However, the quisk folks have yet to fix a big issue with quisk when there is no configuration file.  Quisk drives one of cores to 100% busy so making config changes impossible via the *ConfigFileRadio* tab.  I will take a look at the Jim is supplying.  I don't have a clue why it works on his machine and not ours. 
Stay tuned.
Ron / W4MMP
On 3/23/2016 19:22, jimreagans@... [omniasdr] wrote:


OK Jim & Ron, after re-reading the Quisk documents, I'm doing something wrong...
Where do I specify the Omniasdr (peaberry, I assume)?

I think I need to specify the audio and transceiver and I'm not seeing that...

Two steps forward and one back....
JR, de W0CHL

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