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James Bennett <w6jhb@...>

Thanks Matt - if I get my Quisk/FLDIGI issues worked out I'll give this a try!

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Here is where things get ugly: every so often, after you re-boot your RPi, the card numbers change! Card 0 always stays the same, but once in a while card 1 and 2 get switched. Not realizing this has happened, you start up Quisk and it freezes up. This drove me nuts for a while until I realized that the numbers had changed. So I went into my config file and changed the numbers there and then Quisk worked. Re-booted later for other reasons, and the card numbers went back to where they used to be and Quisk was once again hosed. Arrghhhh……. So, now after a re-boot I ALWAYS run either the aplay -l command or cat /proc/asound/cards - the latter gives me less crud to look through.

If anyone reading this thread is Linux knowledgable and knows a way to fix those card numbers so they don’t change I’d sure be glad to know about it!!!!!

This can most likely be fixed by udev.  You would add a persistent rule matching the vendor ID to the card number.

I used to have a system which would swap it's ethernet card number every reboot (eth0 to eth1, eth1 to eth0).  But this was solved by pegging the ID to the card number in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rule

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