Quisk/ OmniaSDR on RPi2 [1 Attachment]

James Bennett <w6jhb@...>

Hi JR,

I'm not yet at my computer (on an iPad having morning coffee right now), but one difference I see is in how you started up Quisk.

On my Pi, I open a terminal window, CD into the Quisk directory, then issue this command to start it up:


That might help. Let us know how it works.

Jim Bennett / W6JHB
Folsom, CA

On Mar 23, 2016, at 7:29 AM, jimreagans@... [omniasdr] <omniasdr@...> wrote:


OK, still trying to get Quisk working on a Raspberry Pi2.  Yesterday, I loaded James's into my system (renaming it  The attached screen is what happens. Last line says" no module named backend.libusb1".  I guess I'm not sure what the next step is.. Guessing edit this file and find a few more?

I'd appreciate any input!




Thanks for getting back to me..
  I tried your method and got the same result & screen...
  I'm wondering it I should try editing your config file?  Do you know what the file "backend.libusb1", is?